Mike’s Wrecker Service
Serving Mid-Michigan Since 1956

Mike’s Wrecker Service is a family-owned and operated business that has been known for going the extra mile since Mike Giorgis opened the doors in 1956 after returning from the Korean War. Back then, the business was a service station called Mike’s Cities Service.

After just a few years of running his own service station, Mike recognized the need for a tow truck to transport cars to his shop for repairs. Being a mechanically inclined, entrepreneurial sort, Mike built his own wrecker – a Dodge Military Power Wagon nicknamed The Turtle. According to Mike’s son Bill, now president of Mike’s Wrecker Service, The Turtle was the beginning of it all.

Bill grew up with the towing business in his blood. His mother Mary was integral to Mike’s Wrecker Service and Bill recalls dispatch being run out of their house during the early years. In fact, a number of Giorgis family members worked at Mike’s. Bill, his brother Pete, sister Michelle and an assortment of aunts, cousins and nephews have all stepped in at one time or another and been a part of the family-run operation.

At first, the towing was just a supplement to the service station but over time, the towing began outgrowing the service. Since its inception, Mike’s has evolved from a small shop with one tow truck to a major operation with multiple locations, approximately 50 employees and a fleet of trucks numbering in the high 30s.

Furthermore, Mike’s Wrecker Service isn’t simply a solid business located in Michigan. With Bill at the helm, the company is extremely active in local, regional and national towing associations. In fact, Bill has served a term as president of the Towing and Recovery Association of America and also has been president of the Michigan Towing Association off and on for the last 18 years.

Overall, Mike’s Wrecker Service is dedicated the towing industry at large and, more specifically to all of their individual customers. They’ve made it a point of pride to provide prompt, courteous service and to accommodate every aspect of towing and recovery. From simple road service and vehicle transportation to the most complicated heavy-duty recovery, Mike’s Wrecker Service has you covered.