Mike’s Wrecker Service, Serving Mid-Michigan Since 1956

Mike’s Wrecker Service understands that having your car towed or impounded can be a stressful and often unpleasant experience. With this knowledge in mind, our courteous staff always tries to help lessen your stress and make the experience as unobjectionable as possible if it does happen.

Tips for Redeeming Your Car –
Only the owner of the vehicle can redeem the vehicle from impound.

The vehicle owner must supply proof of insurance and proof of ownership (title, registration, etc.) to redeem the vehicle.

The vehicle owner must provide the year, make, model and color of the vehicle in order to receive information about redeeming the vehicle. Providing the circumstances in which it was towed is also helpful.

If the car was towed because it was involved in an accident and is pending an insurance company report, the vehicle owner must contact the insurance company prior to redemption.

Pending the insurance company’s report, Mike’s Wrecker Service can help the vehicle owner transport the vehicle to a salvage yard or to a repair shop of the owner’s choice.

If the vehicle was impounded by the police because it was involved in a crime or as evidence in a criminal matter, the vehicle owner must first obtain a written release from the police department in order to redeem the vehicle.

If the vehicle owner is unsure of whether they need a written release from the police department to redeem the vehicle, Mike’s Wrecker Service can help find this information on the owner’s behalf.

Mike’s Wrecker Service only accepts cash, credit cards and debit cards when releasing a vehicle.